Our Story..

Durake.Me is an Online Gaming Community originally founded in April of 2014 by Drake Robinson, Jesse Cornelius and McLeod Barfield under the name “D&J Studios”.

The Community was strong and built tough, however in December of 2016 the community fell to an internal conflict and it split into two sides. This conflict lasted for quite some time, but in late 2017 Durake.Me was founded. We learned from our past mistakes and came up with a solution.

Since then we have gained more members than we ever have, with about 75 members, we’re a close knitted community..

Drake Robinson


Drake is the original founding member of Durake.Me. He is an 18 year old Eagle Scout from Troop 1020 in Rowlett, Texas and was born in Rowlett. He is an Amateur Radio Operator and GMRS Radio Operator. He spends his most of his time at school, however when he's not in school he is volunteering with FEMA and doing public service events.

McLeod Barfield


McLeod is the original founding member of D&J Studios. He is a 19 year old that lives in Sumter, South Carolina. His Dad is a Law Enforcement Officer and has been serving as one for years. McLeod spends his time working on his GED and gaming, when he's not with the community he is working hard on his YouTube channel "MacCloud Entertainment" producing Police, Fire, EMS, and Military tributes to thank those who serve.

Jesse Cornelius


Jesse is the 2nd founding member of D&J Studios. He is a 23 year old hardcore gamer born in Grove City, Pennsylvania. He spends his most of his time at helping out with the community, however when he's not doing that, he is out working, playing games, streaming awesome content, or having fun with community members.