EXTENDED SERVER MAINTENANCE: TeamSpeak 3 is up, all others are down. The new servers will be delivered in about 2 months..

These are my servers, I host them for the public to use, so if your looking for a good place to go, check 'em out! If you have any servers you'd like to be hosted, head on over to the "Contact" page and submit a form.

Connect to my Teamspeak 3 Server
Teamspeak 3 TS.Durake.Me FULLY OPERATIONAL N/A
Minecraft Minecraft.Durake.Me MINOR INTERRUPTION N/A
Terraria Terraria.Durake.Me FULLY OPERATIONAL dur3501
FiveReborn FiveReborn.Durake.Me FULLY OPERATIONAL N/A
Arma 3 Arma3.Durake.Me FULLY OPERATIONAL N/A
Space Engineers -- PENDING SETUP N/A

Beta Code enabled servers require a beta code upon joining, this is to limit access of potential users who intend to cause harm. These are only temporary until I have the proper security measures in place to prevent such harm.

The IPs I currently have set are for logging only, so when you enter the IP and attempt to connect to the designated server, it'll send a packet of data and my server will log it so I can track how many uses the server has. Eventually, there will be a "universal IP" which you'll be able to connect to all servers with, so you don't have to remember all the IPs.